Stage Challenge

Stage Challenge

Stage Challenge

Over 90 students participated in JHC’s 2015 Stage Challenge performance. Our theme this year examined the dangers of using social media to meet people, as we followed a young woman who was “catfished” by a stranger. The young woman’s struggle to reconcile her current predicament with what she could have had with her ex-boyfriend is shown through a dream sequence. Despite some set dramas on the day, the evening’s performance on Friday May 8 was fantastic, with the student choreographers and directors very pleased.

The competition was fierce, with more schools competing in the Southland competition than ever before. We were given the following accolades:

Excellence for Stage Use

Excellence for Concept.

Special thanks to our teachers Ms Bowman, Miss Paulin, Miss Munro, Mr Smith and Mrs Martin; parents Katie Herman, Lindsay Lewis, Nicola Patterson and Robyn Koehler; the Stage Challenge student committee; and most especially the student leaders Keely Hughes and Sarah Snoep.

Congratulations to everyone involved for a brilliant effort. 

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19 May 2015