On 21st of May at the Civic Theatre, 51 Senior Campus students represented Hargest at the Southland ShowQuest Regional Festival.

ShowQuest is a nationwide performing arts competition that evolved once Stage Challenge ended. 

It is a celebration of dance and drama, while also allowing opportunities for students to excel in live music and wearable art components too. Most performances tend to tell a narrative that evokes a relevant thematic message or at least a truth about ourselves.

Co-directed by Year 13 students, Brianna Peterson and Anna Morris, and in close collaboration with Mr Oudhoff, the theme was designed to explore what humanity could be capable of in the absence of love. The tale follows protagonist (Brianna Peterson) through her traumatising school life, and a violent family upbringing, while also being burdened by the power of isolation. Ultimately, the theme was designed for audience members to focus on the context of the character and how one action could redefine someone else’s story - particularly during a time of ambiguity and change.

Hargest won 1st place in the Open Category and also received the award for Best Use of Drama. This achievement means that the performance will join the limited National Selection that are eligible for nationwide awards. Both the judges and audience were amazed by the talent onstage - especially by Brianna’s captivating portrayal of a high school outcast. The crew were incredibly efficient and made scene transitions with ease and finesse. The dancers onstage received very high praise and helped carry the core message of the story.

Thank you to all the parents that have helped support these particular students. The students got to enjoy a day dedicated to performing arts that they will never forget.

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09 June 2021