Duke of Edinburgh Borland Tramp

Duke of Edinburgh Borland Tramp

On 24 March four students and two teachers set our to tramp to Green Lake at Borland for a Duke of Ed Silver Tramp. Kate Loan, Lewis Thomson, Emily Donaldson and Sam Britten as well as Mr Oliver and Mrs Brown braved the Swampy Swamp, a hut with ten Scouts, and abundance of Lake Monowai Freedom Campers, stinky longdrops and various other tribulations of the great outdoors, to enjoy two days of tramping.  

The tramp was a great experience. The weather was amazing and given the week of rain beforehand the tracks were quite dry. The students were able to practice navigation and basic bushcraft as well as first aid.

The students had such a great attitude towards tramping and learning about the outdoors. They laughed and gave it everything from the minute we arrived to the moment we left. I am sure we have 4 new trampers.

Mr Calder was our hero, walking the entire track on one day to make sure we had a vehicle at each end. We are so grateful to him.  

We are all excited for future tramps and look forward to sharing some tramping experiences with other Duke of Ed students.

We would tell you more, but what happens at Green Lake, stays at Green Lake……….  

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23 April 2018