Language Perfect World Championships 2014

Language Perfect World Championships 2014

Our language students participated in a 10 day on-line language competition in May in which over 1150 schools worldwide took part. A total of 60 Hargest students earned certificates.  The most impressive achievement was by Ashleigh Kim (Y13 Latin).  She got the award for the top scoring language student in Southland and she was also the 2nd student in Latin throughout the world!


In addition to Ashleigh, 5 other students achieved Elite Level: Hannah Gray (Y10) in Latin, Matthew Freeborn (Y11) in Spanish and Tem Tep-Areenan (Y12), Ryan Kim (Y11) & Tyler Brass (Y10) in Japanese. 


We were the top school and the Year 10 Japanese class were the top scoring class in the Southland Regional Competition. Our students also placed Hargest  1st in Latin, 8th in Japanese, 25th in Spanish in New Zealand.  

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18 June 2014