Latin and Classical Studies Trip to the Mediterranean

Latin and Classical Studies Trip to the Mediterranean


After many months of preparation and fund-raising, the day for the Latin group of 21 students and some supportive adults had finally arrived.  Forty hours after leaving Invercargill we arrived in Rome and headed straight to the MSC cruise ship.

We traveled to Genoa first, then south to Malta, Athens, Cyprus, Rhodes and Crete spending a day touring at each stop. Each day had new sights and experiences with the most exciting excursion being in Malta where we all piled into 8 open air jeeps and drove across a mix of terrains to different venues. As soon as we returned to the ship each day everyone rushed to the 24-hour buffet intake.

During the “at sea” days on the ship the outside spa pools were very popular for the Hargest students or in the ‘teen’s club’ where they met loads of new friends from different countries.

After saying goodbye to our ship we had a further five days in Rome. We visited some famous buildings, learnt five attack strokes with a sword at gladiator school and drove down to Naples to see Mt Vesuvius and the Pompeii ruins. The students certainly had their studies brought to life!

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03 February 2017