Latin whiz brings home the medals

Latin whiz brings home the medals

It's a phrase usually attributed to Julius Caesar, but Southland teenager Ashleigh Kim might want to think about adopting it as her own.

The James Hargest College pupil has just been named top Latin student in the world at the 2015 Language Perfect world championships.

Kim, 19, fought off linguistic competition from Australia, Korea, England, Hong Kong, the United States, and even the United Arab Emirates to nab top honours with 25,722 points.

The championships, held online across ten days, test pupils' foreign language vocabulary, awarding points for those who master new words.

Taking home the gold medal was a hard­fought result for the scholar.

Kim managed to score a bronze in the subject in 2013, and earned a silver medal as runner up in 2014.

After coming so close, finally winning the top prize was a great feeling, she said.

"It was really gutting last year, but this year it was like, yay, I finally got there ­ it happened."

Kim, who has been studying Latin since year nine, was initially inspired to take up the subject because she was told it would help her achieve her dream of becoming a lawyer.

However, her interest in Latin had grown and the language was now her favourite subject at school.

"I like how it's kind of unique and how other languages came from it," she said.

For her next step, Kim plans continue studying Latin alongside law at university next year.

Article by Lauren Hayes

Article and picture kindly supplied by the Invercargill Eye

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03 July 2015