New Zealand Scholarship recipients

New Zealand Scholarship recipients

Congratulations to the following students who achieved the highest possible academic accolade in New Zealand, Scholarship.

NZ Scholarships are awarded to the top 3% of the cohort in any Level 3 subject and an outstanding scholarship is awarded to the top 1%.

Liam Barnes - Drama

Maia Cavanagh - Health and Physical Education

Finn Cruickshank - Music and English (as a Year 12 Student)

Logan Dennis - Painting

Miro Kiff - English

Donald McIntosh - English and History

Virun Mohottalla - Calculus and Physics (Outstanding)

Michael Moynihan - Chemistry

Nina Nakano-Broers - Japanese

Kaden Nilson - English

Amalie Rupasinghe - English

Emma Tuckey - Biology and Statistics

Claudia Young-Blomfield - Painting

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04 February 2021