NZAS Southland Science and Technology Fair 2017

NZAS Southland Science and Technology Fair 2017

Senior Campus

After a successful James Hargest College Science Fair, a large contingent of budding young scientists were chosen to represent the school at the NZAS Southland Science and Technology Fair held at the Invercargill Workingmen’s Club from Tuesday 12 to Friday 15 September.

James Hargest students won many awards and featured in various major prize categories this year. This was awesome public recognition for the hours of hard work that has been put in by these students. Liam Barnes and his project Background Radiation earned him the NZAS Special Topic Award, Southland from the Sky and Donald McIntosh for Disaster Mitigated won the NZ Oil and Gas Innovation Award. Thomas Fleming and his project Liquid Gold won Best Exhibit Related to Bees and Brianna Hartley won Best Exhibit Related to Microbiology for her project Effluent Extractor. Also, Peter Hopper won a Fonterra Future Leader’s Award for his project Cow Scratcher. James Hargest students have continued to assert themselves as some of the brightest young Science talents in Southland. Awesome work team!


Junior Campus

Twenty-three Junior Campus exhibits and their creators ventured to the Workingmen’s Club for the judging of the annual Science and Technology Fair. A huge amount of time and effort was put into these projects resulting in a large number of students from the Junior Campus being awarded prizes.

A huge thank you to all the friends/family/whanau of the Science and Technology Fair students. The quality of these projects was outstanding and this would not have been possible without the support, encouragement and advice given to the students from these significant people in their lives.

Very special congratulations to Ezri Dalgity who was awarded the most prestigious award for the Year 7 and 8 category; Excellence in Technology for Year 7 and 8. Ezri also won a Gold award and the Encouraging Girls in Science award, resulting in her winning a large sum of money for her efforts.

Also special mention to our other prestigious award winners:

Rebecca Johnstone won the Best Exhibit for Improving Heart Health.

George Drylie and Connor Steel with the Best Exhibit related to Steel prize

Cooper Leighton and Grace Doherty who were identified as Future Leaders in the Science and Technology Field.


Junior and Senior Campus results:

New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Award of Excellence:

Silver: Emily Williamson Peter Hopper

Donald McIntosh Brianna Hartley

Rachel Boniface Claudia Young-Blomfield

Max Russell Max Smith

Bronze: Thomas Fleming Julie Skedgwell

Gerogia Hawke Sam Richardson

Jackson Faithfull Cooper Leighton

Commended: Emma Bantang Alexa Clark

Geoffrey Perriam Jessica Fairbairn 

Rachel Checketts Emma Tuckey

Liam Barnes Ella Jones

Olivia Cooper Sam Cole

Alexander Munro Tyler Hawke

Charlie Tinoai Caleb Keidge

Eamonn Thwaites Charly Faherty

Corvin O’Rourke Ethyn Middlemiss

Halle Faherty Laura Jackson

Jonty Robertson Elias Crump

Lochie Galt Sophia Kwong

Annalise Butt George Drylie

Special Award - Best Exhibit related to Bees: Thomas Fleming

Special Award - Best Exhibit related to Microbiology: Brianna Hartley

Special Award - Fonterra Future Leaders Award: Peter Hopper

Special Award - NZ Oil and Gas Energy Innovation: Donald McIntosh

Special Award - NZAS Special Topic Southland from the Sky: Liam Barnes

Special Award - Soroptimists Encouragement Award 

for Girls in Science: Brianna Hartley

Special Award - Soroptimists Encouragement Award 

for Girls in Science: Janelle Tinker

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28 September 2017