NZAS Southland Science and Technology Fair 2018

NZAS Southland Science and Technology Fair 2018

After a successful James Hargest College Science Fair a large contingent of budding young scientists were chosen to represent the school at the NZAS Southland Science and Technology Fair held at the Invercargill Workingmen’s Club from Tuesday 18 to Friday 21 September.

James Hargest students won many awards and featured in various major prize categories this year. This was awesome public recognition for the hours of hard work that has been put in by these students.

Corbin Fraser and his project “That’s arm-azing” earned him the NZAS Excellence in Technology Year 9 & 10 Award.

Ella Dougherty for “Eroding Enamel” won The University of Otago Hands On Science Award.

Eilish McLeod and Anabelle Doherty won the Soroptimists Encouragement Award for Girls in Science and Lucy Machen and Madison Grieve won the NZ Oil & Gas Science Communication Award for their project “Poppin’ Pills”.

Chris Hyde and Daniel Johnston won the Best Exhibit relating to Housing Award for the project “Is Concrete Strength Affected by Gravel to Cement Ratio?”

In addition, Ishika Boon won the award from NZ Oil & Gas Earth Science for her project “Gravitational Pulls In Southland”.

James Hargest students have continued to assert themselves as some of the brightest young Science talents in Southland. Awesome work team!


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28 September 2018