Rock Climbing: Southland Secondary Schools’ Championships

Rock Climbing: Southland Secondary Schools’ Championships

Rock Climbing

Southland Secondary Schools’ Championships

Senior Girls’

1st           Emily Jagoutz


Senior Boys’

1st           David Jagoutz                       

2nd         Sean Burrows

3rd          Jordan Reid


Junior Boys’

Finn Dobby


Team Competition

1st           Senior Mixed Team - James Hargest College

                Sean Burrows, David Jagoutz, Emily Jagoutz, Jordan Reid


1st           Senior Boys Team James Hargest College

                Finn Dobby, Gabriel Garcia, Joe Pritchard


The competition was held at the YMCA in Invercargill with a field of 50 competitors from around Southland. The Senior Boys’ section featured an exciting climb-off between David Jagoutz and Sean Burrows for first place. This is the fifth consecutive year that the JHC Senior Mixed Team of David, Emily, Jordan and Sean has won Gold in their category.

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05 November 2015