Science and Technology Fair 2015

Science and Technology Fair 2015

Science and Technology Fair 2015 Results

                10TBT     The difference between Ionizing and Photoelectric Smoke Alarms by Lachlan Blanc                Commended

                10PPN    Game of Life by Zachary Hoffman                                                                                                     Commended

                10AMO  The Power of Drink by Andrew Fleming                                                                                           Commended

                10DP      Time Perception by Merlin Herrick and Finnigan Buckley                                                             Commended

                10NL       Stop by Jamie McIntyre and Nepia Ruwhiu                                                                                     Commended

                10DC      Comparing Sugar Levels in Apples by Keziah Toomey                                                                   Commended

                10RW     Effects of Energy Drinks by Pyper Marie                                                                                          Commended

                10JSR      Shower Power by Larissa Randell                                                                                                      Commended

                10CWN  Flotation Bag by Priscilla Tan and Tharuni Bhagya Wanigarathna                                               Commended

                10DP      Testing Sunscreen Effectiveness by Ruby Donaldson and Georgia Cleaver                 Commended

                10DP      Go with the Flow  by Jack McKenzie                                                                                                 Commended

                10DP      Speed v Stability   by Ben Brown                                                                                                       Commended

                10AMO  The Best Baking Replacements by Megan Shaw and Jess McDonald                                           Commended

                10AMO  J & J Gates 2015 by Jaydon Hunter and Jason Hall                                                                         Commended

                10CWN  Dryer v Clothes Horse by Brianna Morrison                                                                                     Commended

                10DP      Smiling Eyes by Madison McKenzie and Harriet Barber-Barnes                                                  Commended

                10AMO  Spin my Wheels by Fin McNaughton                                                                                                Commended

                10AMO  Aerodynamics Track Cycling by Madeleine Gough                                                                         Commended

                10PPN    Let there be Light by Benjamin Miller                                                                                              Commended

                10JSR      Discreet Drainers   by Nick Tuckey                                                                                                     Commended

                10NL       What Type of Antibacterial Soap Works by Renee Cooper and Kayla Fletcher                        Commended

                9KMN     Portable Power Station by Connor Coatsworth                                                                              Commended

                10JHN     Rainbow Plants by Caleb Turnbull                                                                                                    Commended

                10TBT     Steering Tourists in the Left DirectionThani McLaren                                                                   Commended

                10PPN   Blood Glucose by Manfrid Siegruhn                                                                                         Commended

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04 August 2015