Seismometer received for Science Department

Seismometer received for Science Department

Seismometer received for Science Department

James Hargest is now the proud caretaker of a TC1 Seismometer. We are the only school in Southland, and one of only 6 South Island sites, as part of a national network of schools and museums to have these instruments.

The instrument was provided by the Rū-network and is a cheap, robust and easy-to-build seismometer designed to measure seismic displacements in the vertical direction. 

The name Rū is the Māori word for earthquakes, itself derived from Rūaumoko the deity of earthquakes (also known as Whakaruaimoko, Rūamoko, Rūaimoko, Whakarūamoko, Rūaimokoroa).

We have placed the instrument on a weighing bench in the Physics preparation room from where it will be operated. The device is connected to the school network and to the internet, and therefore will have the students able to access the seismometer on their devices.

We are planning to incorporate the instrument into Physics Level 2 and 3 in the Waves topic, doing measurement and calculations linked to speed of waves in mediums, time/ distance calculations and when discussing wave types, as in p and s earthquake waves and how they are measured.

It will also be used in the Year 10 science classrooms, when we study plate tectonics and plate boundary processes like subduction, as well as Level 1 Science Red, where we study earth processes including earthquakes, to explain development of surface features on Earth.

The Social Studies department will also use the data, especially for the Level 1 Geography unit Extreme Natural Events, where they study earthquakes.

The seismometer readings can be accessed from the Rū-network website ( on the “live rumblings” tab or directly at the following web address:

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29 July 2016