Southland Junior Squash Team

Southland Junior Squash Team

We would like to congratulate the following players who are from James Hargest College for their selection into the Southland Junior Squash Team to compete at the National inter-district event  in October

Emily Flett

Jasmine Demchy

Hayley Flett

Jack Demchy

Hayden O’Connor


The following students have been selected for Southland Age-group teams to compete in the South Island inter-district event in September

Jasmine Demchy, Hayley Flett and Roisin Chilton  (U17 girls)

Jack Demchy (U17 boys)

Courtney Budd (U15 girls)

Hayden O’Connor and Lachlan Thwaites (U15 boys)

Jaden Muir (U13 boys)


Congratulations to Emily Flett who has successfully defended both the Southland Junior Open Championship and the Otago Junior Open Championship.


Jasmine Demchy accrued the most points to win the Otago/Southland Highlander series, Jaden Muir came 3rd= and Hayley Flett placed 6th

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10 September 2014