Southland Social Studies Fair

Southland Social Studies Fair

Southland Social Studies Fair


The Southland Social Studies Fair was held at the Scottish Hall from the 25th-29th of June. We had twenty six entries across Year 9 and all entrants deserve to be congratulated for their efforts. Special mention needs to go to the following students who received places and prizes in the Years 9/10 Section.

1st Place overall and Merit in the Heritage Section                         

Jack McKenzie (pictured above)

                Chief Reko


2nd Place overall and First in the Current Events Section                       

          Hamish Muhl

                CBD Can Be Done


3rd Place overall                                                                                             

Annie Haveron and Katie Schins

                Weighing on your mind



                Georgia Cleaver                                                                                               

Have the Titi Islands Changed?



                Madison McKenzie

                Sheep vs Dairy


1st in Historical places                                                                                 

Matthew Larson

                Homer Tunnel

1st in Biography section and 2nd in Heritage Section                    

Finnigan Buckley

                Minnie Dean


Special Prize in the Geneology Section and Merit in the Heritage Section

                Sarah Botting

                150 years of Family History


Merit in Heritage Section                                                            

                Elly Koehler and Aimee Trotter



2nd in the Sports Section                                                                             

Merlin Herrick

                Just Do it


Merit in the Sports Section                                                                         

Tom Cowie

                What brings a professional basketballer to Southland?

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22 July 2014