Spain trip 2019

Spain trip 2019

After 18 months planning, on the 5th of April, 20 students from James Hargest College and 5 mums along two teachers headed to Spain for a month.

For the first two weeks, the group partook in an educational tour. They visited historical and famous cities and buildings such as the SAGRADA FAMILIA cathedral, PARK GUELL and CAMP NOU in Barcelona; biked through EL RETIRO park and strolled through the STREET ART in Madrid. They visited mosques, cathedrals and churches and exploredeach city at night.

This was followed by two weeks in a homestay in Priego de Córdoba, the lead teacher’s hometown. The students attended one of the local high schools, CARMEN PANTION. They participated in a number of activities run by the school. In the first few days of their time with their families, they were thrown into celebrations of the holy week with processions every night and thousands of people. They found school so different "with the timetables and subjects being so much more complicated". It made them glad they don't have to do philosophy, anatomy and Spanish literature back home.

Their other days in Priego were busy with flamenco classes, visiting ancient towns and caves and cooking classes where they learnt how to cook a typical andalusian TORTILLA DE PATATAS and a tomato dip called SALMOREJO. Some of them found that cooking wasn't really their thing.

"This trip was an experience that we will remember for the rest of our lives. We made new friends, got out of our comfort zones and tried new things".

This trip has given the students a chance to improve their understanding of the Spanish language and culture

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16 May 2019