Lions Young Speech Maker Competition 2014

Lions Young Speech Maker Competition 2014

Lions young speech maker competition 2014


This year’s Lions Young Speech Maker competition was held in the James Cumming Wing in Gore on Sunday June 15. James Hargest College was represented by Hannah Brown, Matilda Phillips and William Toomey. A strong field of 9 competitors saw contestants from Blue Mountain College, Menzies, Gore High School, St Peters and James Hargest College all vie for a spot at Nationals.


Many controversial and thought provoking topics were explored and the contestants entertained the audience in the morning’s prepared speech session.


Zoe, Blu Mountain College - Eco tourism

Abigal, Menzies - Men's Rights

William, JHC - Youth is wasted on the young

Hannah, JHC - positive discrimination

Alec, Gore HS - gender stereotypes

Carrie-Ann, Menzies - consumerism 

Emily, St Peters - The Future

Matilda, JHC - Reverse Racism

Georgia, St Peters - Success


The afternoon’s impromptu speaking topic saw contestants speak for two minutes about their biggest fears for the future.


Abigail - That I will achieve everything I dream of only to find it was meaningless

Emily - Our Youth

Georgia - That I will spend thousands to get a degree that I'll never use

Matilda - That we will lose the art of communication

Alec - That extremist groups will create a mass world war

William - Communication and the falsity of the written word

Carrie-Ann - That we don't have very good role models

Hannah - That our relationships will disintegrate due to our lack of communication


The judges all agreed that it was a tightly fought contest and that the standard this year was very high. The honour of “Regional Winner” went to Matilda Phillips.