Stage Challenge® & J Rock™

Stage Challenge® & J Rock™

Stage Challenge® & J Rock™

Civic Theatre, Wednesday, 11 May at 6.30pm

The Junior Campus J Rock entry is called  Pesky Business and is based around the Pied Piper story.  We start with a village market day that gets over-ruled by rodents.  Our ‘Magical’ person comes in and does a deal to get rid of the rodents.  When she returns to get paid, the villagers refuse to pay and so she entices the children to come away with her.  This performance relates to the James Hargest value ‘We are honest’.

The Senior Campus Stage Challenge entry is called Hargie’s Toy Shop. We follow a boy who walks into a toy store and wants to play with dolls but his parents won’t let him. This performance shows the issue of gender stereotyping, and how even in this politically correct modern world we haven’t changed — it’s still not deemed acceptable for boys to play with dolls. 

TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW from the ICC booking office, or online

Adult $33.00 Child (12 years and under) $27.00

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05 May 2016