World-class French Writers

World-class French Writers

World-class French Writers

Lesley den Toom and Polly Hanson-Friend were placed first in their year level in an international writing competition called ‘Jeunes Auteurs Pour l’Europe’. It was organised through the Orléans-Tours Académie in France with the assistance of Glyn Strange from The School of Young Writers, in Christchurch.

The objective of this annual competition is to write text in a second language and for these girls, it was in French. The pair wrote a text collectively in French based on one of four scenarios to choose from. The scenario that they chose was about a young boy who is desperately looking for an exit in a cemetery that is surrounded by other skeletons.

The two girls worked together on the text outside of class and creatively crafted over a page in French to develop the scenario. To put it into context, they researched French history around the time of the French Revolution and incorporated it into their work.

Upon hearing that they had won their section, the talented writers were rather surprised about their success.

The prize giving for winning participants will be held at the Chambord Castle in France in mid-September. 

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01 July 2015