Friendship Club

A group of over 120 students who aim to support International Students and help them integrate into James Hargest College. They make friends for life!

The club operates in groups including:


  • Touch Rugby
  • Games in the gym
  • Competitions/Challenges
  • Supporting rugby games at the local stadium
  • Ten Pin Bowling


  • Facebook friends
  • Meet and Greet at airport
  • Introduce students in Assembly
  • Help with orientation activities
  • Present small welcome gifts


  • Hosts/Hostesses at functions
  • Organise parties:
    • Dress up
    • Quizzes
    • Theme
    • Pizza lunch
  • Outings:
    • Restaurants
    • McDonalds
    • Circus
    • Movies
  • Multicultural Food Festival
  • BBQ’s at school
  • International Scavenger Hunt with prizes


  • Skating
  • Skiing with the Principal
  • Picnic in Queens Park
  • River bank bike ride

Special Occasions:

  • Celebrate all birthdays
  • Festivals eg Chinese New Year, Song Kran
  • Easter
  • Christmas Party with Secret Santa

All members show friendship and care towards Internationals whether it be in the classroom, school grounds, sports teams and when they meet them socially.

This makes their time at James Hargest College much more enjoyable.