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 There is a culture of high expectations for students and staff at James Hargest College. School systems to ensure that students receive a high quality educated are very well established. 

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Board of Trustees


Peter Stuart

Peter Stuart

I am a proud born and bred Southlander. I am married to Tracey and have two children, Katelin and Brayden, both at James Hargest senior campus.

I have been employed in the IT industry for 27 years and have been involved with providing the IT infrastructure of James Hargest College for over 10 years. During this time I have gained a good knowledge of the school and I would now like to help contribute to the school environment in another way.

With having both my children at the senior campus I feel that it is the ideal time to become more involved with James Hargest. I believe that I can contribute to the board of trustees with the life and business skills I have learnt over many years working closely with a variety of Southland businesses.

I want to help the board provide the best school environment for our children at James Hargest College by assisting both staff and students to achieve their best.

Jason Mckenzie

Jason McKenzieHi my name is Jason McKenzie I am 46 years old and I am married to Suzanne. We have two daughters at James Hargest Senior Campus - Madison (Year 11) and Briar (Year 9), both have been at Hargest since year 7.  I have been involved in education as a teacher (physical education and health) and latterly as a guidance counsellor from 1993 to 2004.

 I also coordinated the alternative education programme on behalf of all the Invercargill secondary schools during this time. Since 2004 until now I have been working in sport providing athlete Life and mental skills to our elite Netball, Rugby and Bike athletes. I also coordinate the Academy Southland programme – a talent development program for our most talented Southland athletes and coaches.

I originally put my name forward for the board because I want to take an active interest in my daughters’ education and to be involved in the school community. I think as parents we all want to see the best opportunities provided for our kids to achieve academically, sporting or culturally and I would like to see these opportunities maximised for all the students at James Hargest. I believe the best learning happens when teachers develop quality relationships with their students in a supportive, safe and challenging environment.


Andrew Boon

Andrew BoonHi my name is Andrew Boon. I am married to Veena and have two children.  My daughter is currently enjoying her last year at James Hargest Junior College and my son is a few years away from attending in her footsteps. I grew up in Invercargill and went to James Hargest College myself and I am indebted to the foundation of education and values this School entrusted to me.

I am a qualified Social Worker with 19 years’ experience working with families and their children.  Fifteen years has been dedicated to child health including significant experience in child development; special needs; physical, and mental health.  I have been lucky enough over the past 7 years to work as the Paediatric Social Worker at Southland Hospital.  In this role I speak to families daily around how to optimize their children’s education and work through the difficulties encountered.

If elected to the Board the skills and knowledge I would bring are:

  • A strong ability of work and communicate effectively within a team dealing with complex issues around children and young people.
  • An ability to think critically and constructively about large complex organisations, like James Hargest, and contribute effectively with any strategic planning.
  • An ability to develop ideas and policies that are practical and useful.
  • An ability to build on previous good ideas already developed by others.
  • A significant understanding around pupil health and wellbeing.
  • A diverse understanding of the role family plays in education, particularly how parents define and imagine success for their children and the key concerns they hold for their children and their future.
  • An extensive knowledge of community resources that might be utilized by the School.
  • Knowledge of the realities for families with children with special needs.


Rose Wilson BA (Econ), LLB

Rose WilsonMy partner and I have two daughters educated at James Hargest College. 

As a Lawyer, my professional work requires good communication skills and team work, evaluating research and considering effects of new legislation. In my role as lawyer for children, I interview many young people and children to ascertain their views, and respectfully convey these to the Court, so they are heard. I believe I have many of the required skills and experience to be an effective board member.

My priority is for James Hargest College to continue to be inclusive to provide an environment for all students to have the scaffold to reach their potential, success for all means careful planning to ensure the Treaty of Waitangi is fully implemented in its intent and no students have barriers above them. 




Chris O’Conner

Chris O'ConnorI am Chris O’Connor and I am currently the Deputy Chair of the James Hargest College Board of Trustees and I also chair the Board Finance Committee. I have been a Board member since April 2012 and I have enjoyed the experience of working with a positive and forward thinking group of people, as well as the opportunity to become more involved in the school community at James Hargest College.

I am married to Catherine and my daughter Georgia is currently in Year 12 at James Hargest. I have an older daughter who is in her first year at Otago University and I also have two younger children aged 9 and 7 who I hope will be starting at James Hargest in the future.

I am a born and bred Southlander and I work as a principal in a local chartered accounting firm. My career as a chartered accountant has given me a broad range of financial expertise, but more importantly it has taught me to be a good listener and a good communicator. My career also requires me to be organised, a committed team player and to bring a calm, level headed and balanced approach to decision making.

The future I would like to see for James Hargest College is a learning environment where are young people are exceptionally well prepared for what they will do when they leave our school; whatever that choice may be for them. We can only achieve this by providing a high quality learning environment, where there is success for all, so that James Hargest can continue to produce well rounded students with a desire to succeed beyond their school life.

James Hargest has a strong record of success and high achievement in so many areas. This is no accident. Fundamental to that success is having a high quality teaching staff, a strong management team and a committed, positive, insightful and forward thinking Board of Trustees.

It would be a privilege for me to continue to serve as a Board member and I believe I have the necessary range of skills to provide the governance required to make James Hargest College a great place for our children to learn and grow.