Google Drive

JHC Google Drive

Google Drive is the online storage that is being promoted for students and BYOD. 

Every student and teacher now has a school google account.

This is the account you need to use to share files with your teacher and get feedback on your work. Some of your teachers may be using the Google Classroom for this purpose.


To log on to your school google account

1. Type into the browser

2. This will bring up a sign in window.

3. Your username is your   an example user name is

4. Your password is your school network password. 

5. If you are unable to log on to your school google account, please check the following

  • does your username end in (not jameshargest)
  • have you closed your browser and re-opened it then tried again?


If you are still unable to log on after these checks, ask your teacher to reset your password or your teacher can contact the Spark Help Desk to do this as well.