Graphics and Technology

Year 9 and 10 Technology


Year 9

Design Technology is based on the Technology Curriculum. During the course students make quality practical projects through which they gain an understanding of the requirements of NCEA Technology at Years 11 to 13.

The experience of rotating between the Engineering, Wood and Electronic workshops gives a broad exposure to skills and knowledge. This provides a good insight into possible future career pathways.

Students will develop an awareness of hand tool and machine skills, the properties of different materials, problem solving through the design process and a safe working attitude while operating in the workshop.


Year 9

Graphics develops the skills and concepts of communicating design ideas by using sketching, model making, formal drawing techniques and computers.

The course is divided into theme based units of work such as Transport, Music, Space Flight and Go Cart.


Year 10

Cars, bridges, buildings, cranes, bicycles, are only a few of the structures we see and use in our daily lives. Increasing our understanding of how structures work helps designers and builders to create more innovative and efficient products.

In this unit students will:

  • Learn about different structural design principles.
  • Test structures to understand their limitations.
  • Use their knowledge to create a structural design within given specifications.
  • Trial and test design principles to identify efficient design aspects

which they can then apply to their own structural design.

Students are taught the Design Process, freehand drawing, presentation techniques, and formal drawing.

Graphics is a University recognised subject studied from Year 9 to Year 13.