JHC Wireless Instructions Windows/Android

JHC Wireless Instructions - Windows/Android

Student and Staff BYOD 2016


These instructions give you access to the hot spot wireless units located throughout the school


Printing is via the PaperCut app on ipads. For other devices use Email to Print or use a browser and connect to

How to connect to the Ruckus wireless hot spots

  1. Make sure that your wireless is turned on and connected to JHC-Activate
  2. Open your browser and type in  https://wireless.jhhs.inet/activate
  3. When the window below appears, type in your school user name and password

  1. If the window above does not appear, make sure that your wireless is connected to JHC-Activate, then refresh your browser.
  2. A small app called ‘prov.exe’ will download onto your device
  3. This screen should appear

  1. Click on the yellow click here at the bottom of this window.
  2. Another window with a code will appear. Select all the code and copy it.
  3. Change your wireless to JHC-Student
  4. You will be asked for the password, paste the code into the box and Connect.

NOTE – Androids may need to download Chrome as the Google browser doesn’t recognise the wireless address.