Student Councils

Junior Campus 2017 School Council

Year 7 and 8 Council

2017 saw the junior campus council begin with a smaller number of members than previous years. One member from each homeroom was chosen instead of two.  This resulted in a council that was more manageable and had a bit more room for communication when our meetings were held.

In May we all hopped on a bus and spent the day in Dunedin at the National Young Leaders Day where we were all inspired and uplifted by a wide selection of motivational speakers who spoke on what it takes to be a leader.

The year has gone by quickly with several bake sales and quite a few hot chip lunchtime stalls with the aim being to raise enough funds for the end of year Year 8 Graduation social.

Various talks and exercises on leadership across our Tuesday lunchtime meetings were scattered amongst the bigger tasks undertaken by the council.  Some of these were organising, running, and wrapping up the 40hour famine, the annual socials, the My Piece of Nature block art project with Janet deWagt, the presidents and deputies taking the weekly assemblies, and the Watties-Cans –for-Good can collection for the local Salvation Army foodbank collection.

It’s been a great year. Thank you to all of the council reps who have been involved.  We look forward to doing it all again next year.

Senior Council 2017

Head Students 2017

Throughout 2017, James Hargest College has seen many positive changes happening to improve the lives of teachers and students alike around our school.


We are pleased to have donated money we fundraised during year to several charities around Invercargill. Through various events we continue to see the positive effects our actions are having in the community today. It is very rewarding to see the 1500 pupils supporting these organisations and we are glad to be able to provide students with the opportunity to give something back. This year our main focus has been surrounding the mental and physical health of students and we have endorsed awareness campaigns as well as fundraising events which the students could become involved in. This included donating the proceeds of our final mufti day to the Number 10 organisation who offer Southland youth access to a range of social services. James Hargest has seen a significant rise in supportive networks around the school to provide students with any aid they may require, most of which is student orientated. The council was able to participate in a discussion with a local health organisation to discuss ways to increase safety around teenage drinking - all of these things being important in maintaining the safety and wellbeing of students.


This year students also participated in offering ideas for healthy food alternatives. The goal is to phase out unhealthier foods and drinks while replacing them with snacks and meals more beneficial to our learning minds. This nicely complimented our effort towards raising awareness around the health of the students and was positively accepted by the council.


We hope that we have helped to open pathways which the 2018 council can see to further develop, and look forward to seeing how our actions have continued to impact the school in the future.


Matthew Fraser and Gabrielle Arnott

Head Boy and Girl 2017