International Friendship Club

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James Hargest College is one of very few fortunate schools to run the International Friendship Club to warmly welcome overseas students and ensure they have an enjoyable experience in Invercargill. With the help of the club, students from all over the world are able to fit into James Hargest College and Invercargill. In return, they enrich our school community with their global culture.


The International Friendship Club (also known as IFC) provides our International Students with support to help them ease into their school life, by keen local student volunteers. We organise student buddies, study buddies, birthday celebrations, and social events. Examples of these from this year include an ice skating trip to Gore, a quiz night, a movie night and a meal at the Ocean Seafood Restaurant with our Principal. All of these events are put in place as our “Hargest Way” of making International Students feel more immersed in the kiwi culture. As well as this, we have international cultural celebrations such as the Thai New Year – The SongKran Festival – where we have extremely intense, yet fun, water fights.


This year we are extremely privileged to have hosted a Kumagaya Nishi group (our sister school) in Japan, the Kumagaya Friendship Association, groups from Thailand and, of course, our long term international/exchange students from Asia, Europe and the Pacific.


The IFC would like to thank you all for the hard work to make this club a success. Especially Mrs M Elder, Mrs Black and Donna Henderson. We would love to give a huge thanks to Mrs Jenny Elder for all the hard work she puts into the club and for always looking after the international students and also the club members. Without your support the club would not have so many successes. So thank you so much!


We are super grateful to have had the privilege of looking after the IFC for the year of 2017 alongside our committee leaders who, without their help, these events would not have been such a success. We would like to give massive thanks to all of our wonderful IFC members who have contributed to making our James Hargest College community a home to all.


Rebekah Michels and Georgia O’Connor