International Friendship Club



Hargest is very lucky to be part of a diverse and inclusive community, which the International Friendship Club helps support. The goals of the club are to make international students feel welcome at school, to organise social events and provide opportunities to make sure everyone has the best possible experience in Invercargill. 

Despite this year being slightly quieter in terms of international travel, the International Friendship Club has still had a very busy year. This year we have had students from all corners of the globe, including Thailand, Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea, Russia, Columbia, Brazil and France. 

Some of the events we ran this year included Ice Skating in Gore, a lunchtime pop quiz and paintball. This year we had a focus on providing more learning opportunities for New Zealand students to find out more about other cultures. Thank you to all the international students who ran those events, which included Origami and Thai Kick-boxing. 

IFC members have also helped make our international students feel at home through helping in the ‘buddy reading’ programme, which gives students extra help in any areas that it may be needed. They have also helped cook dishes for potluck dinners and made cards to celebrate students’ birthdays. 

This year’s international students have enriched our school community, and made a commendable contribution to the school. They have taught us about their own countries and cultures, and broadened our horizons. We would like to thank everyone who has been part of IFC this year, and wish you all the best for your future endeavours, wherever in the world they may be.

Nga Mihi

Madeleine Doherty and Donald McIntosh

Co-Presidents of the International Friendship Club, 2020