Ko Hēmi Hakena Mātou

Nau Mai, Haere Mai

Welcome to James Hargest College

JHC is a high performing college where students thrive due to high expectations, multiple opportunities and a culture of success.

Our curriculum is extensive and led by enthusiastic, supportive and highly skilled teachers. Each individual is supported to reach their full potential to enable them to transition into the best universities and employment locally and internationally.

We encourage our students to take part in our outstanding range of extra-curricular activities. Sport, Music, Performing Arts and Cultural Activities play an integral part in our broader educational success and engagement.

What's On
Our Mission is to equip all our students to create the best possible future for themselves and their world.

What's Happening

We step upKa Hikitia
We enjoy an audienceHe pai ki a mātou te minenga
We createKa waihanga mātou
We are a teamHe roopu kotahi mātou
We have funKa hakinakina mātou
We keep faithKa whakapono tonu atu mātou
We are a teamHe roopu kotahi mātou
We dream bigKa moehewa mātou

Brigadier James Hargest

We keep faith | Ka whakapono tonu atu mātou

Brigadier James Hargest was a local and national hero and an inspiration to all those who come to our school. Brigadier James Hargest gave his life in WWII and is buried in Normandy, hence the school’s use of the Normandy Lion, our “Leo.”

Like him, we have a strong set of values that every student is encouraged to aspire to.

We are James Hargest and this is our way | Ko matou tenei Ko tenei mātou