Grapple23 – Celebrating Our Talented Young Makers!

Congratulations to Hunter Jordan (Year 13, pictured), Tequin Lake (Year 12), and Michael Clinckett (Year 13), our talented Level 3 Digital Technologies Programming Students, for their outstanding achievement! They attended the prestigious Grapple23 event during the July holidays, chosen among 80+ applicants from across the country.
Grapple23, organised by the 4C Centre in Christchurch, is a week-long camp uniting young makers with a passion for innovative technology creations like drones and lunar rovers. They received a fully paid scholarship (free flights, accommodation, food and access to copious amounts of electronic building equipment), showcasing their talents and competing for a $1500 prize. Humanity is moving to Mars!!! Well at least theoretically for this year’s 4C Grapple Challenge.
In Week 1, Hunter and Tequin participated; showcasing their exceptional skills and dedication. Their group project was a hydroponics system designed for sustainability, utilising a cycle of chicken manure to provide nutrients for plant growth in a controlled environment. Notably, this group, with members Hunter and Tequin, emerged as the winning group for the first week.
Additionally, Tequin was part of another group that worked on a different project, which involved utilising melting ice to generate electricity (energy needed to live on Mars) – a great physics experiment that achieved successful results.
In Week 2, it was Michael’s turn to participate. His group made a vest that monitors your vitals and uploads them to the internet to be viewed on a dashboard. The vest monitored heart rate, air pressure, CO2 levels, temperature and humidity. It also had a detachable weather station that measures temperature, CO2 levels, air pressure, humidity and dust levels – this was truly inspirational.
All three students were excellent ambassadors for Hargest. Throughout their journey at Grapple23, they demonstrated tremendous dedication, averaging only four hours of sleep each night to ensure their projects were completed in time for Showcase Day. Let’s wholeheartedly commend Hunter, Tequin, and Michael for their exceptional achievements at Grapple23! Their unwavering passion and remarkable talent serve as an inspiration to us all.