Halle Faherty makes it a three peat!

Congratulations to Halle Faherty who won the Senior Women’s Division of the Southland Open Tennis Championships for the third time in February. This is an outstanding achievement for Halle and comes after years of commitment and dedication to her sporting endeavors.

Because this was an Open Championship event, players from other provinces came to compete and challenge Halle, including players with higher rankings from other centers. Halle fought off a strong rival from Dunedin in the final to claim the victory.

Late last year Halle played in the Number 1 position for the Southland Women’s team in the Southern Senior Teams event, taking on the best players from North Otago, Otago, Southern Lakes and Southland. Halle won all of her games against the best players from all of these regions, a pretty impressive achievement from a full time student who was simultaneously achieving academic success at the highest level.

Tennis is a little tricky for Halle at the moment. Her coach left the province and trying to navigate a way to train and compete at the highest level without a squad around her comes with it challenges. Halle is not sure what is next for her with tennis, if she wants to keep improving and compete at the highest level it will mean significant travel. Halle wants to keep playing as long as she is enjoying it and will this year compete in tournaments around the country as well as Nationals in December.

Halle is also a highly driven, academically motivated student who never settles for anything below her best. We look forward to following what Halle achieves next!