Junior Campus Student Council

On Wednesday the 9th of June, theYear 8 students in the JHJC Student Council participated in a leadership conference to learn about all kinds of leadership along with several other schools in the region. We had to be at school at 7:50am on the Wednesday morning, as we had to be at the conference at in Gore at 9:00. We arrived with about ten minutes to spare, and were shown to our seats by an usher. On our seats we found a little booklet for us to do activities and write notes in.
At the conference we mainly learnt about what leadership means in the first half, and then the rest was about finding a need and presenting a plan to resolve that need. Along with that we played some fun games. We learned about when it was our time to lead, how we could help, and more. We received badges when we went on stage at specific times, and they said things like ‘Student Leader’, ‘Time to Lead’, ‘People First’ and about nine other inspiring things. There were also some loud noise sessions, where people from a specific group were called to the stage to make inhumane noises, participate in quizzes, share things from their booklet and assist their leading adult with entertaining. At one point, there was a play performed by a man and three students from a participating school, on the meaning of working hard which was set as a talent show. The day was entertaining, fun and we learned lots of useful things for our future leading selves.