National Schools Aerobics Championships

More than 250 dancers and athletes from across the country descended on Invercargill for a shot at national titles in the National Schools Aerobics Championships (NZCAF) on 17th & 18th September.

The 28th annual event was held at ILT’s Stadium Southland with competitors representing their schools in a range of individual and team categories.

Lily Morgan 3rd duo
Brooke Acker 3rd individual, 2nd team
Jasmine Caudwell 1st team
Pyper Brown 5th individual, 1st team
Kendyl Hair 2nd individual, 3rd team
Nicola Schol 3rd duo, 1st team
Ruby Kite 2nd duo
Sophia Gray 2nd individual, 2nd duo, 2nd team
Haze De Lange – Crow 1st individual (pictured)
Ivy Turner 5th individual, 5th duo, 3rd team
Sam Schol 5th individual, 5th duo, 3rd team