New Zealand Scholarship recipients

Congratulations to the following students who achieved the highest possible academic accolade in New Zealand, Scholarship.

NZ Scholarships are awarded to the top 3% of the cohort in any Level 3 subject and an outstanding scholarship is awarded to the top 1%.

Liam Barnes – Drama

Maia Cavanagh – Health and Physical Education

Finn Cruickshank – Music and English (as a Year 12 Student)

Logan Dennis – Painting

Miro Kiff – English

Donald McIntosh – English and History

Virun Mohottalla – Calculus and Physics (Outstanding)

Michael Moynihan – Chemistry

Nina Nakano-Broers – Japanese

Kaden Nilson – English

Amalie Rupasinghe – English

Emma Tuckey – Biology and Statistics

Claudia Young-Blomfield – Painting