Ōmaui senses recount – Body Boarding

By Amelia Watson – Room 16

Slowly entering the water, the waves push past me, making the cuts on my leg sting. I see beautiful aquamarine rolling waves on the horizon. I can taste the fear in my mouth as the first wave approaches. I try to jump on but miss. Frigid water rushes past and over me, swooping away as the next wave comes, carrying me to the damp sticky shore. While screaming “Woohoo!” I run to the next wave and whoosh! The salty seawater leaks into my mouth and I spit it out, laughing.

Kids near me are screaming and shouting as a huge wave approaches.
Missed it again. The stinging on my leg has stopped.
The waves rush past me, carrying me back to my friends.
A double wave I wasn’t expecting pushes me forwards but I go straight back towards the waves. More water rushes past me and I get the timing just right. Zooming past the other kids,
I see that my friend hasn’t caught this one. As soon as I reach the shore I race back.

More waves come and go and we wait for a better one. Tim, the camp instructor, tells us one is coming. The billowing waves get closer and we catch it! More come and go and my frozen feet can’t touch the bottom.