23 JHC Rowing students competed at the Meridian SISS Championships. It was a successful day on the water after wind disrupted previous regattas this season. Stand out results on day one included Ana McWilliam and Madison Stephens finishing 2nd in their u15 Double heat, Lilah Jack 3rd In the u16 Single, and Mia Brown and Ella Norman 2nd in the u17 Double. 14 Crews qualified for repechages on Saturday.
Day 2 of the Meridian SISS Championships was cut short by wind about half way through the repechages which shortened up the finals program for Sunday.
Day 2 results:
Ella Norman finished 2nd and Lilah Jack 3rd to qualify for a B final in the u16 Single.
The u17 Quad of Sophie Cundall, Holly Keary, Ellie McWilliam and Sally Thompson qualified for a B final.
Mia Brown placed 3rd to qualify for a B final in the u17 Single.
Holly Keary qualified the u18 Single to a B final.
Avril Kummer and Lyla Carstensen had the fastest qualifying time for the u15 Double B final placing 2nd in their repechage.
Cain Wilson and Ryan Smith placed 3rd in the u18 Double to make a B final.
Abby Brown and Lilah Jack’s heat time was fast enough to gain a place in the B final when repechages were cancelled.
Day 3 results:
Ella Norman 1st
Lilah Jack 2nd in the u16 B final.
The u17 Girls Quad then finished 7th in the B Final, Mia Brown was 6th in the u17 Single and Holly Keary 7th in the U18 Single B finals.
The u15 B Final saw Lyla Carstensen and Avril Kummer place 2nd and in the A final Madison Stephens and Ana McWilliam finished 7th.
Cain Wilson and Ryan Smith took 6th in the u18 Double B final.
The u15 Eight came 7th in the A final.
The u17 Double of Mia Brown and Ella Norman finished 8th in u18 Double A final and Abby Brown and Lilah Jack took 5th in the u16 Double B final.
Ellie-May Boniface and Noah Lucy were the coxes for the weekend with multiple races across many crews.