Tuakana Teina in action

Earlier in the year as part of their Human Rights unit of study in Social Studies, W10JBT had the opportunity to develop board games. This activity engaged many of the students and after spending a number of hours on this, both in and out of the classroom, some incredible games were produced. There were a wide variety of games, including games based on the games of Risk and Monopoly, and on the topics of Slavery and Civil Rights. Many of the games were of a very high standard.
The students then had the opportunity to take these games to Ruma Iwa, on the Junior Campus, to share their games and the knowledge they had learnt. Five students took up this opportunity. An hour was spent playing the games. The students were engaged and focussed. They listened and had fun.
The Year 7 students had the opportunity to give feedback to the senior students. One of the common themes was that they enjoyed playing the games and learning at the same time. Some of the students also enjoyed the fact that they got to play with money and there were also punishments (in the form of star jumps) if they got a question wrong. The Year 10 students enjoyed going to the Junior Campus and engaging with other levels of students. They enjoyed the chance to share their knowledge and, for some, visit their old classroom.
Both teachers involved found the activity beneficial and will look at making this a regular occurrence.