Bus Information

Bus Info

Student use one of two Bus providers to get to and from James Hargest College.  Go Bus (contracted to ICC) for the city runs (inside the city boundaries) and McDermotts who transport students to rural areas all around the Invercargill district (not inside the city)

City Services

Within the City students use Go Bus and their bus routes are on the Invercargill City council website which you can locate here. (go to the bottom of the page you arrive at) School pick up points are at the city bus stop signs on Racecourse Road, senior Campus and Layard Street at the Junior Campus.

Cost vary but concession tickets are available from the drivers.


Rural Services McDermotts

Outside the city boundary (50k zone) and 4.8 km from the nearest school is the requirement to be eligible. The service is free. There is more detail about this eligibility on the Ministry’s web site Located here 

Bus routes are located are here

9044       Dacre

9045       Isla Bank Secondary

9046       Mabel Bush

9017       Makarewa East

9048       Morton Mains

9018       Myross Bush

9134       New River Ferry

9050       9051 Otatara   (two buses)

9053       Ryal Bush

9030       Ryal Bush West

9031       Taramoa

9054       Waituna

9055       Wallacetown – Spar Bush

9020       West Plains

Bluff direct service


At the end of school usually 3.20pm (Friday 3pm) buses are lined up on Racecourse Rd adjacent to the main field.

The first of these (nearest Laymond St) are destined for the Junior Campus and they feed the rural services to the north of the city.

The next three travel to Onslow St and serve the Eastern areas. Bluff and Otatara buses are also on the end of this line up closest to the school end.

Times and location to be on the roadside to be picked up at your home in the morning vary greatly are best answered by McDermott’s themselves. There contact is 218 2419

Bus Passes are issued by the McDermott’s drivers in order for students to be able to use this service.

Any concerns regarding Buses will be addressed by Al Pannett 2176129 ext 206