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Welcome to the Commerce Department at James Hargest College.

The Commerce Department is made up of a variety of exciting and challenging subjects including Digital Technologies (Years 9-13), Economics (Years 11-13), Accounting (Year 11-13), Business Education (Year 12-13) and Computer Programming (Year 12-13).  These subjects equip students to gain a solid understanding of the business world and to give them the skills required to be competitive in whatever career path they may choose. 

The Commerce Department has had a busy and rewarding year with students taking up exciting opportunities and achieving success in a wide range of areas.

We have recently established a new vision for our students as follows.

James Hargest College Commerce students will be:

  • Confident users of ICT
  • Informed and skilful decision makers
  • Enterprising and resourceful
  • Contributors to their communities

This vision reflects not only the spirit of the new curriculum, but also the strengths of our department's subjects.