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Welcome to the Commerce Department at James Hargest College.

The Commerce Department is made up of a variety of exciting and challenging subjects including Digital Technologies (Years 9-13), Economics (Years 11-13), Accounting (Year 11-13), Business Education (Year 12-13) and Computer Programming (Year 12-13).  These subjects equip students to gain a solid understanding of the business world and to give them the skills required to be competitive in whatever career path they may choose. 

The Commerce Department has had a busy and rewarding year with students taking up exciting opportunities and achieving success in a wide range of areas.

We have recently established a new vision for our students as follows.

James Hargest College Commerce students will be:

  • Confident users of ICT
  • Informed and skilful decision makers
  • Enterprising and resourceful
  • Contributors to their communities

This vision reflects not only the spirit of the new curriculum, but also the strengths of our department's subjects.


Commerce Department 2017

In addition to the traditional curriculum in Accounting, Business Studies, Digital Technologies and Economics, 2017 saw the continuation of many opportunities for students to explore new contexts for learning in the Commerce subjects.

Monetary Policy Challenge

The Reserve Bank Monetary Policy Challenge competition was entered by a team of five Year 13 Economics students, Brendan Tancredi, Vanessa Falcunitin, Sam Loan, Georgia O’Connor and Andre Vergeer. This competition again involved research and application of economic theory to make recommendations about what the Reserve Bank should do with interest rates. The team’s recommendations were presented via Skype to Reserve Bank economists who then asked a series of challenging questions. The team were then selected as one of six finalists and were flown to Wellington for the finals at the Reserve Bank.


New Zealand Economics Competition

Hargest students performed well in this competition run by Auckland University with over 2000 entrants nationwide.

High Distinction:

Andrew Fleming

Brendan Tancredi

Tim Tuckey

Nick Tuckey



Georgia Cleaver

Samuel Loan

Benjamin Miller

Andrew Popham

Christina Scott

Andre Vergeer


Digital Technologies

Congratulations to the following students who achieved Distinction in this competition.

Year 9

High Distinction

Finn Cruickshank 


Year 10


Liam Barnes 

CETA Top Scholars

The Southland branch of the New Zealand Commerce and Economics Teachers’ Association awards prizes to the students who achieve the top results for NCEA in Southland schools, considering a mix of internal and external assessments at each year level in each of our subject areas. For the 2016 year, James Hargest students won prizes in eight of the eleven divisions.

Prize winners were:

Accounting 3

Emma Henderson


Business Studies 1

Olivia Fraser

Business Studies 2

Kylie Kuan


Digital Technologies 1

Christina Scott                                                                                             

Digital Technologies 2

Emily Morris                                                                  


Economics 1

Christina Scott   

Economics 2

Sam Loan                                                                                      

Economics 3

Emma Henderson