Duke of Edinburgh

Block Heading

2020 has been another fun year for the Duke of Edinburgh students. 

The programme is a voluntary, non-competitive programme of leisure activities designed to offer a personal and individual challenge. It is student-led, that is students choose the activities they want to participate in and manage how they will complete the time requirements. Completion of each level requires commitment and perseverance - qualities that assist in all areas of life.

Duke of Edinburgh students participate in: Service activities, e.g. giving help in the local community; Skills, e.g. learning almost any non-physical hobby, skill or interest; Physical Recreation, e.g. playing sport; Adventurous Journey - training for, practising, planning and completing a journey on foot, horseback or by boat or cycle, and; Residential Project - for the Gold level only - spending 5 or more days on a purposeful project with new companions.

Unfortunately in 2020 the Adventurous Journey training camp was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, Bronze and Silver students were able to undertake an online version of the training where they learnt the theory around a range of essential bush survival skills. Gold students were given individual training by Mr Oliver.

We have over 50 students involved at varying levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold. We normally have a large number of students at Bronze level and it has been really exciting to see so many of them finish this level in 2020 and progress onto Silver. Eleven have managed this already. A number of students who chose to enter as Direct Entrants in the Silver Level (bypassing the Bronze Level) are still working their way through this extended programme. Three students are on track to complete the prestigious Gold Level by the end of next year. If successful, they have the option of receiving their award from the Governor General. Gaining this level requires commitment, perseverance and a high level of time management. Congratulations to both Emily Donaldson and Mary-Jane Grove who are receiving their Gold Awards this year. If you would like to try an activity that gets you into the great outdoors, creates useful links with the local community, builds teamwork skills, builds perseverance and commitment and of course gives you an enjoyable goal to work towards, then see Ms Spencer or Mr Oliver.