Welcome to Economics at James Hargest College

Why study Economics?

Economics is about choice and so is at the heart of all decision-making.

It is a wide-ranging subject and as a result is applicable to a wide range of fields.

Do you have an interest in business, politics, international affairs, inequality or environmental issues?

An ability to think in economic terms will increase your understanding of many current issues and the range of skills developed will give you the ability to analyse problems in these and other areas of society.

These skills are transferable to other fields and so studying Economics will enhance your general employment prospects.

Economics at James Hargest College

At Year 11:

Learn about the decisions of consumers, producers and the operation of markets.

At Year 12:

Learn about the economic issues of Employment, Trade, Economic Growth, Inflation and Inequality.  Develop statistical and analytical skills and understand government policy.

At Year 13:

Learn about the theory of market efficiency, when markets fail to deliver the best outcomes and how government policies affect the big picture of the economy.

Economics is a subject that can take you a long way.  It can be studied throughout school and on to university.

You are more likely to enjoy Economics and be successful in it if you take an interest in what's happening around you.  Read the newspaper, watch the news and discuss the issues.

Economics Honours Class

Some of the more able Year 13 students may be able to enroll in a first year University paper.