Greetings! Thank you for taking the time to read our prospectus, which focuses on the values our school lives by. I hope you’ll also read the smaller companion booklet (for all the detailed information), visit our website, and even better, visit us in person! We’d love to show you around.

Our Vision

Our vision is very clear; we’re here to develop the young people in our care, and to provide a place to learn where they feel challenged, supported and enriched. We expect high levels of achievement and involvement, so our students are equipped to create the best possible future for themselves and their world.

It’s exciting to be in a school named after a real, local and national hero, and to inspire our students to look up to our namesake. Brigadier James Hargest, veteran of two world wars and a Member of Parliament for Invercargill, is remembered for his tenacity, perseverance, integrity, and leadership – qualities which are valued just as much now. For us, as staff, it means that we aim to epitomise education of superb quality.

Here at Hargest, our twin campus school provides the best of both worlds. It provides a separate, secure, home-room based environment for Year 7-8’s (with the advantage of extensive specialist teaching), and a Year 9-13 campus where students are encouraged to look ahead and build a strong platform of values, experiences and qualifications. The "step up" from the Junior to the Senior Campus is now a tradition celebrating the coming of age of our students.

Both the Junior and Senior Campus complement learning experiences in class with an enviable range of cultural, sporting, leadership and service opportunities.

In all their endeavours, students are taught and encouraged to proudly follow "The Hargest Way", as exemplified by our school values:

  • We respect each other
  • We work hard
  • We take care of our environment
  • We treat all people fairly
  • We are honest
  • We are responsible for all we do

If this sounds like a place you want your child to be – please join us !
We look forward to meeting you, and working in partnership with you.

Mike Newell