Gateway Programme

Gateway is a programme that enables senior secondary school students to participate in structured workplace learning.  Which means that you could spend one day a week in a workplace that offers the job of your choice throughout most of the year.


You would work alongside the current employees and also do unit standards related to your work while you are there.


This is not just a work experience programme, nor is it a programme for under achievers. It is a programme designed to make learning  more relevant to you and to make your move from school to the job of your choice more smooth.


In addition to this, you would attend Gateway option classes during which you would catch up on work missed from other subjects and work on your Gateway unit standards. You would be expected to earn at least 20 credits while on this course..


Benefits to you:

  •  Achieve unit standards and qualifications that could take time off the length of an apprenticeship or put you in a strong position when applying for a job.
  • You could leave school having already met your first employer.
  • Make school seem more relevant to you.

How to apply:

Gateway works best for students who have a good idea of what they would like to do when they leave school but first want to explore this option in depth.


You will be interviewed in order to assess your

ability to:

  • Catch up on work missed while at work.
  • Present yourself neatly.
  • Be relied upon to complete tasks set for you.
  • Be punctual.

To find out more or to apply, call into the Careers office beside the library.









Gateway employers

We have some incredible local businesses supporting our students through work placement