House Day

House Day

16th February 2021


Dear parents and whanau,


We would like to inform you of our first full school event for 2021. 

“House Day” is scheduled to take place this Friday 19th February. It is a day designed to foster and develop relationships with students and teachers in their respective houses along with some good old fashioned healthy competition! 


The day is designed to be focused on fun and participation with a wide variety of activities and events for all abilities. Students are expected to show support for their houses by wearing clothing or costumes clearly displaying their house colours. Thomson - red, Menzies - green, Watson - blue and Hamilton - yellow. There is no expectation for money to be spent on getting outfits / costumes sorted, instead, find what you can in your child’s house colour and send them dressed in that. 


As this will not be a regular school day devices and books etc will not be required. Instead, students are asked to come to school dressed up, bring warm clothing and food and drink. The canteen will operate as usual at interval and lunchtime. Students are to meet in their allocated House area by 9am and will be released by 3pm.


Face paint is acceptable in appropriate house colours but must be applied prior to arriving at school. No body paint is permitted.


If the House Day cannot go ahead due to Covid restrictions or weather, we have a postponement date of Friday 26th February. Any decision to postpone would be made before the end of the school day on Thursday .




Heads of House


Matt Sigurdsson Hamilton

Erin Pickering Menzies

Katrina McDonald Thomson

Caroline Raynes Watson