Kumagaya Nishi High School Visit 2012

Kumagaya Nishi High School Visit 

Mihi Whakatau (15)

A group of 25 students and 2 teachers from our sister school Kumagaya Nishi High School visited James Hargest for a week in August.  The students had many first experiences during their stay with us, including Clip 'n Climb, playing squash, jet boating, luging and even eating an apple without cutting it into small pieces first.  Many thanks to all the families who took them in and gave them a wonderful NZ homestay experience! 

Kumagaya Nishi High School Visit 2014



In March, 26 students from James Hargest College’s sister school, Kumagaya Nishi High School, came to Invercargill for a week to experience school life and improve their English. Additionally the students went to Queenstown for a day and went on the luge and the Shotover Jet. Their visit also included a visit to the Invercargill City Council to meet the Mayor, to the new stadium where they did Clip ‘n Climb and to the velodrome for track cycling. Many new friends and unforgettable memories were made during this time. Some of the Hargest students who travelled to Kumagaya last year, were able to repay their buddies and host them here in Invercargill. All students and host families formed a close bond during this short visit. There were a lot of tears at the airport, but someday in the future, hopefully they can meet their buddies again.


By Edward Popham

Kumagaya City Hall visit

A group of 20 students from Kumagaya, accompanied by Mrs Nakayama & Mrs Arai, were in Invercargill for 10 days at the end of July.  They spent both weekends doing various things with their host families and experienced James Hargest life and went on various trips throughout the week in between.  The trips included: meeting the Mayor, the marae, the stadium, a farm visit and Queenstown where they went jet boating and on the luge. They developed some great friendships with their new host families. 

Kumagaya Nishi High School Visit

Twenty three students from Kumagaya Nishi High School enjoyed a taste of Kiwi life during a recent visit to James Hargest College.  The students were from James Hargest's sister school in Kumagaya, which is Invercargill's sister city in Japan.  It was the first visit to Invercargill by Kumagaya students since the devastating earthquakes in both Christchurch and Japan.

The students, led by Takeuchi Sensei and Osawa Sensei, were outgoing, confident and lots of fun.  They quickly developed a bond with their host families and we found that while we have many cultural differences, teenagers are all the same: we all like to laugh, have fun and hang out with our friends.

It was fun being able to practise our Japanese and as we listened to the students talking to their friends it became clear just how little we really knew.  But it was exciting whenever we heard a word we recognised.

While the Japanese students were here, they got to experience our Kiwi lifestyle first hand.  They attended many of our classes at school and also travelled to Queenstown going on the gondola, the luge and the Shotover Jet.  In Invercargill they went on a tour of the town, including a Mayoral visit, seeing the animals at East Road Pets and for some brave students posing for photos while holding a Tuatara, at the Southland Museum and Art Gallery. 

Over the weekend, host families and their students did things like going to see the signpost at Bluff, going to the beach at Riverton, visiting farms  and seeing the glow worm caves in Te Anau.

One of the things I really enjoyed was simply making origami with my student, although my origami never looked as good as hers.

The night before the students left there was a Sayonara (Farewell) Party in the school café, with a Kiwi pot luck dinner, games and performances by the exchange students.

The airport farewell was tearful as we said goodbye to our new friends.   We hope to see them in Japan next year - but at least we have Facebook to keep in touch.

By Samantha Tulett


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