Leo Club


As proud co-presidents, we are happy to declare that the James Hargest LEO Club has continued to be successful within our school and local community for another year. It has been hectic with fundraisers such as the Valentine’s Day Balloons, Hire a Helper, Ball Extravaganza, Plunket Coin Trail and many more raising money for various deserving charities. Our committee leaders and members have been vital for helping us pull together these events and without them we would not have achieved what we have. A big congratulations to everyone who has been involved this year, we cannot thank you enough for your contributions and you should all be extremely proud of yourselves. Whether it was a small fundraiser or one of our larger events, it has been incredibly satisfying knowing that our club is making a positive impact within our community. The Ball Extravaganza was definitely the most challenging event to plan; from gaining sponsorships to gathering up our models and setting up the catwalk. It was a difficult but a truly rewarding experience! This year we managed to raise $4,000 which went to Youthline. We were very proud to organise and run an event that benefitted our very own youth community. Other contributions we have made to the local community include $1,000 for the Chemo Crazies and $200 towards the SPCA. Our members have also been involved in various street appeals and have donated their time volunteering at events such as the Plunket Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

If you are going to be in year 11-13 next year we encourage you to join the LEO Club. It is such a fantastic opportunity to meet people, step out of your comfort zone, and do something for a charity. It is an honour for both of us to lead LEO Club this year and an opportunity you could have in the future. We both started dancing in costumes at the Plunket Teddy Bear’s Picnic and standing around supermarkets gathering change for the Arthritis Appeal. We guarantee that by taking a little bit out of your time to make some form of difference for LEO will be very rewarding. Joining the club or becoming more involved with the club will also give you the opportunity to enhance your leadership skills, ability to approach a wide range of individuals and increase your experience in community based facilities that will positively reflect back to your student and personal character. It is a promising experience offered for everybody and this should be taken as an opportunity for you to stand out in the school community. All you have to do is step up.   


We thank Mrs Elder for her ongoing motivation and support when it comes to running the club and planning events. She continues to be the Club’s backbone. Someone that we have been able to rely on for ideas and ongoing positivity during our year of leading the LEO Club. We would also like to thank our Secretary Brendan Tancredi, Treasurer Tim Tuckey and committee leaders that had given their time to offer their ideas and service. They have helped us formulate and run projects which have kept our 200 plus members busy. For the future LEO leaders and members, we are now placing this club in your hands. We wish you the best and make your experience a lively one!   


Katie Machen and Vanessa Falcunitin

LEO Club Co-Presidents