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Library 2020

In an unsettling and unprecedented year, the James Hargest College Library has been as busy as ever. 

During Level 4 and 3 lockdown, the library was still able to send out devices for students to continue to work at home, run online critical literacy classes and one on one research tutorials, give readers advice and deliver books to readers during Level 3. Our online databases and ebook platform became even more essential when students were working remotely and both were used extensively. We are very lucky to have a library able to extend beyond our physical boundaries. 

Readers Cup went ahead in August with a record 13 teams competing. James Hargest entered four teams this year, three Year 9 and one Year 10 team competed well and
 took out 2nd, 3rd and 5th positions. Congratulations to all of our teams and we hope they enjoyed reading the fantastic competition books. We would also like to thank Hell Pizza for supporting reading through their pizza voucher challenge.   

Library Week was a great success this year with lots of games, competitions, and the ever-popular Year 13 Dress Up Day. We are already planning next year’s fun! 

Our gentrification project has been very successful with students more easily able to find the books they enjoy reading. Not surprisingly the Dystopian books haven’t been as popular as they have in other years - possibly they have felt too real at times this year! Our most popular genre so far this year has been Comedy.  

Once again, a huge thanks to all our hard-working Student Librarians and Tech Support students. The library couldn’t run without your efforts! We would also like to thank the Invercargill City Library for hosting us in their awesome Escape Rooms for our Term 4 reward trip. 

Happy reading everyone
Miss Adam and Mrs Burgess

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