Spain Trip

Hola a todos

 In April, 8 students from Hargest were lucky enough to travel to Spain on a trip that changed our outlooks on life. After 36 hours travelling we arrived in Barcelona. We visited many famous buildings, castles, gold workshops, a theme park, roman ruins and also we got to go white water rafting!!!! In Barcelona we visited ‘La Sagrada Familia”, the famous unfinished church designed by Gaudi. This particular church blew us away with its simple yet extravagant designs. Of all the churches we went to this was by far the favourite even though it is not finished still after 131 years of construction. In Barcelona we also visited “Las Ramblas”, a famous shopping promenade and “El Museo de Picasso” (The Picasso Museum). The boys also learnt a few new catch phrases like, “Hola guapa” (Hello beautiful), and “Tienes los ojos bonitos” (you have beautiful eyes) which they practiced on a daily basis with the Spanish girls. After Barcelona we travelled down to Andalucía, passing through Madrid, Zaragoza, Segovia, Toledo, Córdoba, Sevilla, Málaga, Granada and finally arriving in Priego de Córdoba. As we left the bus we were ready for our full on immersion into the Spanish culture and language, although a little scared. The school was very different to New Zealand with black boards and white walls, but less strict. Classes were fun although very hard to understand because of the language. Our families were lovely and kept us well fed with many different foods some of which we loved “Bocadillos con chocolate” and some that were extremely strange to us. It was an awesome trip that was exciting and different. It was a fantastic experience for us all and we all learnt so much about a different culture and, of course, our Spanish.

One language will take you down the corridor of life, but two will open all the doors along the way.