Chess Power Tournament

Twenty five students from the Senior and Junior Campus competed in the Chess Power tournament on the 18th May at Ascot School. Congratulations to all our competitors. Everyone showed great sportsmanship and perseverance on the day! Well done to you all.

Senior placings

1 Hasnula Babaranda

3 Liam Alcock

4 Ron Geilik

6 Eulalia Terra Teodoro

7 Michael Clinckett

8 Ben Geilik

10 Hasanli Hewa Babaranda

13 Adam Wills

16 Liam Graham

17 Callum Stratford

18 Sophia Kwong

19 Fernando Rios

Eulalia Terra Teodoro took out the title of top female competitor. Michael Clinckett and Hasnula Babaranda won the competition for the tallest chess piece tower and getting a score of 0 in the Knight Challenge. Michael also won the fastest draw competition when he set the chess pieces up in the fastest time.

Intermediate placings

1 Sasandu Kiwulegedara

2 Elliya Kim

3 Alex Samson

4 Hunter Beck

5 Nathan Alcock

7 Zachary Hotton

10 Samuel Ramsay

13 Aden Dougherty

15 Samuel Walker

16 Tehan Perera

20 Alexander McBride

21 Noah Hackett

27 Jayden Troon

28 Fergus Lange

Sasandu Kiwulegedara took out the Biggest Gainer award.