Mamma Mia Triumph

The major production for 2022 was an absolute delight.  Congratulations to the masterful Jonathon Tucker and wizardry Emma Jarman on pulling off a phenomenal show against a backdrop of such uncertainty and disruption!  The show was fun, upbeat, cohesive and slick.  The cast and crew were fantastic, full of energy and the joy of performing was evident and infectious.  They carried the audience along with their enthusiasm and star power.  The characters were all superbly enacted, the voices gorgeous and the dance moves vibrant.  The orchestra made the show come alive and it was a fantastic collaborative performance with huge numbers of students and staff involved.

The show deserved its sell out crowds, it was simply a joy to behold!

That it was the swansong of the JHC visionary director extraordinaire Jonathan Tucker made it all the more remarkable.  An absolute icon, Jonathan embraced the challenge of a new show and had fun working with this cast of wonderfully talented performers who are now forever part of the Tucker show years at JHC.