Welcome to Accounting at James Hargest College.

Why study Accounting?

  • Enables students to develop numeracy skills and tackle problems that relate to real life situations both in business and in personal affairs
  • Promote relevant technologies
  • Develops the ability to evaluate alternatives and consider consequences of decisions
  • Is a component of a wide range of tertiary qualifications and employment
  • Accounting is a compulsory paper in a B Com at Otago University

Accounting students playing monopoly

Year 11

Introduces the students to the general principles of business finance and gives guidance to managing their own personal finances.

Year 12

Develops the principles of business finance as well as an introduction to computerised methods by utilizing MYOB package.

Year 13

Develops knowledge of more complex business structures and financial processes with a vision of preparing the student if they specialize in accountancy in the future.


Accounting will begin to prepare you for managing your finances in the future.