Careers Advice is provided by the following staff:

Simon Richardson (Head of Careers & Gateway Co-ordinator)

Pixie McDowall (Careers Co-Ordinator & Gateway Liaison) 

Jago Byatt (STAR Co-ordinator & Careers Advisor)

Katrina Key (Careers Administrator)


Below are some of the services that we provide to our students:

  • One to one interviews with all senior students every year
  • Access to STAR & Gateway programmes
  • Advice and assistance in arranging work experience
  • Information about tertiary courses and scholarships
  • Job seeking tips and guidance
  • Advertising of after school and full time jobs
  • Help with applications for Halls of Residence

Useful websites:

  • Interactive tools
  • Register student (free and in that way anything you have saved will always be there)
  • Careers Quest test
  • CV's
  • Subject matcher
  • Skills matcher

All scholarships listed on this site.

Student loans, Student Allowance information