Careers Advice is provided by the following staff:

Simon Richardson (Head of Careers & Gateway Co-ordinator)

Pixie McDowall (Careers Co-Ordinator & Gateway Liaison) 

Jago Byatt (STAR Co-ordinator & Careers Advisor)

Katrina Key (Careers Administrator)

Guidance is also offered by:

Sandra Tyre (Head of  Guidance) 

Ria Cummings (Guidance Counsellor)

Troy McNaught (Guidance Counsellor)

Tessa Thomas (Guidance Counsellor)

Megan Lindsay (Guidance Counsellor)

Below are some of the services that we provide to our students:

  • One to one interviews with all senior students every year
  • Access to STAR & Gateway programmes
  • Advice and assistance in arranging work experience
  • Information about tertiary courses and scholarships
  • Job seeking tips and guidance
  • Advertising of after school and full time jobs
  • Help with applications for Halls of Residence

Useful websites:

  • Interactive tools
  • Register student (free and in that way anything you have saved will always be there)
  • Careers Quest test
  • CV's
  • Subject matcher
  • Skills matcher

All scholarships listed on this site.

Student loans, Student Allowance information