Office Contact Details

Office Hours

8.00am - 5.00pm daily.

Telephone / Fax:

Senior Campus: 
Phone: 03 217 6129 
Fax: 03 217 0351

Junior Campus: 
Phone: 03 217 9250
Fax:  217 3152


Library year 9-13 site


Students should ensure they are at school by 8.45am and leave by 3.45pm. Outside these times students should be under direct supervision of a teacher e.g. working in the Library, sports practice.


If your son/daughter is absent phone us by 9.15am on the day of the  absence, with your child's name, reason for absence, name of person phoning in.
Years 7 and 8: Phone 2179250
Years 9 - 13: Phone 2176129 Ext 205
This facility is available at any time day or night so you need not wait until office hours to phone in. Computer generated absence messages will be sent to parents for unexplained absences by 10.15am if a student is not present at Period 1. Students arriving late must sign in when they arrive.


All requests for special leave should be directed to the Associate or Deputy Principals in writing. Please arrange family holidays during the school holidays. Student progress may be severely hindered if leave is required during term time. Such requests for leave are expected to be the exception rather than the norm. Teachers are not expected to provide work for students in the case of leave being granted. Assessments missed will be rescheduled if possible but this will not always be the case and students may miss opportunities to gain credit in NCEA levels work.


When a student needs to leave school they must sign in and out at the school office. Medical, dental and other appointments should be made outside school hours when ever possible.

Course Completion

Full attendance (for other than unavoidable absence) is a requirement for all courses of study and award eligibility.


Parents should inform the school about any medication that their son/daughter is taking. Medication should be stored at the sick bay and students should not be carrying it around the school.

Health Nurse

The Health Nurse comes once a week (usually Wednesdays) at the Senior Campus. Clinic is held in the Guidance Area. All aspects of health will be dealt with by professional SCHE staff. The Health Nurse visits the Junior Campus every second week on a Thursday.


In cases where there is any doubt about the extent of an injury, students are referred to the Emergency Department at Southland Hospital. Parents will be contacted as soon as possible.

Bus Transport

Queries about school bus transport should be directed to Mr Pannett (SC) or Marie Freeman (JC) Details of bus routes can be sourced from the two bus companies IPT and McDermotts.


Classroom issues should be addressed in the first instance to the teacher concerned. Other issues should be directed to either Associate or Deputy Principals


Students are permitted to go to their own homes at interval or lunchtime.
Students are not permitted to go to local shops at lunchtime.  

Lunch Areas

Year 11 and 12 students may lunch in the Cafeteria. Year 9 and 10 students may on cold or wet days lunch in the Hall. When the hall is unavailable the gallery in the Hargest Centre may be used instead. On wet days, the Library, Games Room (E15) and Computer Room (C1), are alternative places at lunchtime, but food or drink may not be taken into these rooms. Listen to Roll Call notices for other lunchtime activities. Students may not lunch in classrooms/corridors. When lunching outside students are to use the facilities provided in the main quad. At the Junior Campus, lunch is in homerooms for the first 10 minutes of lunchtime.

Out of bounds areas

  • Trees and behind down the sides of the fields
  • All fence Lines   
  • The Staff car park and Main Entrance
  • Street frontages
  • Garden areas


Regular homework is to be expected. This is to be recorded in this diary as set.

Failure to complete homework will result in disciplinary procedures.


Stands are provided. Bicycles are not to be ridden on the school grounds. Students may not wheel bicycles in any other areas of the School. Bicycle helmets are, of course, compulsory. All bicycles should be locked and are left at the owner's risk.

Motor Vehicles

Students are not to park on the school grounds. The School reserves the right to restrict the use of student motor vehicles if responsible driving standards are not met.


Damage to school property must be reported immediately to the Deputy Principals. Students who damage, deface or lose school property are liable for the cost of replacement/repair.


The policy of the school is to recover costs for any deliberate damage or destruction by students.


Wouldn't it be great if rules weren't needed! The Core Values reflects the positive ideals that we expect your behaviour to be based on. Clearly, not every situation fits neatly into the Values. There are grey areas about whether certain behaviours are acceptable or not. Of the following, some are very serious, while others help maintain the order of the school. Not every situation is mentioned, otherwise the list might be endless! Ask your teacher if you're unsure.

Examples of Unacceptable Behaviour

  • Hurting other people physically or verbally
  • Offensive language eg swearing, racial comments
  • Possessing or using tobacco, alcohol or harmful drugs
  • Theft
  • Disobeying instructions of the teacher
  • Interfering with the rights of others to learn
  • Chewing, eating or drinking in class
  • Endangering the safety of others
  • Arriving late and being ill prepared for your class
  • Wearing your uniform in a sloppy way

If these behaviours are noted by staff and cause concern, students will be dealt with depending on the nature of the behaviour. Very serious behaviours may result in students being referred to senior staff and possibly subject to a Board of Trustees meeting. Sometimes this results in being stood down from school. Examples might be violence towards others, drugs and alcohol.

Stationery Shop (Senior Campus)

All school stationery requirements are available through the Stationery shop located in Student Administration. These are very competitively priced. Terms are cash unless otherwise arranged. Other services offered include binding and laminating. Students are expected to have stationery at the start of the school year. Lists are circulated to students at the end of the previous year and are also available on the Hargest web site.

Cell Phones

Students are discouraged from having cell phones at school. If they are used inappropriately (e.g. during class) they will be confiscated. Students are permitted to use the school phone in emergencies.


Students should not bring Ipods, CD players, MP3 players, etc to school.


The cafeterias are open intervals and lunchtimes. Full lists of food available and prices are well advertised. EFTPOS facilities are available only at the Senior Campus. Junior Campus students order their lunch before school or at interval.

Naming Property

It is essential all items of uniform and property are named. Students may check lost property by contacting: Years 7 and 8: Office, Years 9 - 13: Student Administration


These are issued on the first Friday of every month (during term time) and are available to view on the Hargest web site. A link is sent to parents/caregivers/whanau the day the newsletter is issued to students. Please note, the newsletter is only issued to the youngest member of the family.


This is available at both offices to pay accounts and at the Years 9-13 Canteen. Cash is not given out.

School Fees

$55 per annum per student. This fee, fixed by the Board of Trustees, is used to meet the demands which cannot be met from operational grants.


$25 per annum per family provides for essential items of equipment not funded by the government.

School Accounts

School accounts are posted every term. Payment can be made to the school office by cash, cheque, EFT POS or direct credit.

Senior Campus
Account Number: 02 0924 - 0408612 - 02

Junior Campus
Account Number: 02 0924 - 0408612 - 01

Difficulties with payment should be directed to the school office.

Some practical subjects and Science have levies to cover the costs of materials used. All students are charged $10 for consumable materials, $6 for expenses of modules (Years 9 - 3), and $10 for school publications.

Trips, Camp Fees, Sports Teams, Sport and Recreation fees are paid for on a user pays basis. Parents will be notified well in advance when payment is due.

Sustained Silent Reading (SSR)

Occurs every day for 15 minutes after lunch (except Sport and Rec). All students are expected to have reading books (not magazines). Libraries are open at intervals and lunchtimes for students to get books.

Reporting to Parents

Written reports are provided toward the end of Term Two and Term Four.

Parent/Teacher Interviews are held in Terms Two and Three for Years 10 - 13 and in Terms One and Three for Years 7, 8 and 9.

Information Evenings

Years 7, 8 and 9 Meet the Teacher evenings are held early in Term One.

Careers and course information evenings are held for parents and students for those students in Years 10 - 12 in Term Four.

School Regulations

Essential rules are outlined in the Hargest Diary and students will be issued with these on the first day of the school year. The Board of Trustees and Principal reserve the right to make and enforce such regulations as necessary for the satisfactory running of the school. Parents, by enrolling their son/daughter, agree to such regulations.


Financial Statement of Revenue and Expenses

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